Leading Generating WordPress Websites For Furniture, Interiors and Construction Companies​

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  • Your website is the center of all your marketing and lead generation.
  • Customers being their sales journey by researching products and services online. They MUST find your website for them to discover and fall in love with you.
  • You can build your own DIY website, but the mistakes you will make on your journey to learn WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify etc. best practices will be expensive.
  • Doing it yourself is like taking the bus to success. You will learn and get there, but there will be bumps on the way. Letting us do it for you is like taking the "jet plane" to success.

Is Your Website Leaking?

In the past, most websites are setup never to be touched again. Now such a scenario is NOT acceptable if you want your website to be the face of your business. Web technology is changing rapidly and there are tons of malware & viruses online to cause irreparable damage to your brand. It is imperative that you build and maintain a clean, regularly updated, safe and secure website to resonate the core values of your business

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What's Included

Speed Optimization

Our fast loading and mobile optimized websites perform better and show up higher on Google Organic Search. This gets you more visibility and more leads.

Content Update & Migration

We migrate and update your content from your existing website so all your work is preserved and presented in a more modern and current design.

Secure Hosting

All client websites are hosted by to us ensure complete ownership and give you a single point of contact. We partner with specialized WordPress hosting companies with dedicated servers on AWS and Google Cloud.

Custom Add-ons

We build, customize and deploy custom code and plugins as per your required workflow & 3rd party integrations - example: CRM, Email Marketing, Customer Support etc.

SEO Consulting

Without proper SEO, it will be very difficult for your website to rank high on Google. Our dedicated SEO team works to establish and achieve keyword ranking goals for your website.

Site Analytics

We install and review your site analytics to see trends - demographic & geographic trends to find patterns. This information will help you in developing the right strategy for the right target market

Monthly Updates

Based on the packages selected, your website's content is updated monthly to keep it looking fresh and up to date. This helps in SEO and in general lets your customers and visitors about the latest developments in your business.

Daily Backups

Our custom scripts perform daily backups to your website to ensure that your data is safe. In case of any incidents, we can restore website to its original form in 1-click.

Malware & Security

The web is a dangerous place and platform/plugin developers keep updating their code to patch all vulnerabilities. We ensure that such patches and upgrade are applied to your website timely to prevent any breach of security. In case, such an incident happens, we work to remove the vulnerabilities to get you back up and running