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Smarketing Aligment

Sales + Marketing = Smarketing. We help you identify and map out criteria that defines your lead stages in one or more sales pipelines that you may have. We work with marketing and sales teams to ensure a higher percentage of marketing qualified leads meet the criteria for sales qualified leads


We are a Pipedrive Expert Partner and work with you to map and optimize your sales processes so your inbound and outbound leads are captured directly in your CRM so your sales teams can proactively move them down the pipeline. If you still use a spreadsheet to track leads or not happy with your current CRM, we can help you migrate and support your processes to Pipedrive CRM

Prospecting Training

Not all leads come inbound. Larger companies have tons of vendors sitting in their receptions for them to search and find you online. We help train your sales team on how to effectively identify and reach out to decision makers and influencers at these big accounts. Training includes content on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Email Outreach, Email Discovery, messaging templates and much more.

Sales Enablement FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

All trainings are done virtually on Zoom. A recording of the trainings will be provided to you once complete. Trainings are customised based on your location and target market. At this moment, live 1:1 onsite training is not planned.

No. We are not a Sales Development Rep outsourcing company. However, we encourage you to hire SDRs and assign SDR roles to other members of your team. We conduct training on how do prospecting to get more meetings with decision makers from your target accounts or dream list.

We are a Pipedrive Expert Partner, so we recommend Pipedrive. There are more than 200+ CRMs out there in the market. Pipedrive is what we use internally and what we’ve implemented at multiple resellers in the building materials and furniture industry. Try Pipedrive free for 30 days!

Yes. We will work with you to redefine your sales processes and map them to the Pipedrive CRM. This allows your sales team and managers to be on the same page. Your management or owners can see key performance indicators from the entire team to check whether they are on-track or off-track to hit their targets.

Sales prospecting training is customised. We train you on how to identify, discover and reach out to key decision makers in your target industry so you always have a full pipeline. The building materials and furniture industry generally has a long conversion cycle. This cycle requires most companies to have a full pipeline at various stages for them to meet their targets.

No. We don’t do prospecting or cold calling work for clients. We do train on prospecting. And part of prospecting training, we do advise you to pick up the phone and call prospects who are not responding to your outreach. 

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we recommend pipedrive crm for resellers in the furniture and building materials industry


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