Office Furniture Companies & Resellers: Sell More with Content Marketing

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Learn how content marketing can help you get more leads. Warning: It requires patience and consistency.

Can you sell more office furniture without actually ‘selling’? You can! That’s the driving force behind content marketing strategies. Here’s how it works.

When people have a problem or a need, the internet is the place they go to in the search for answers. Here, they’ll find both promoted (paid) content and results from organic search. Or they might be browsing their social media feeds and spot something that resonates. They take a closer look.
Now’s your chance to hook them.

Inbound Marketing at its Best

Pitching your content marketing strategy just right means putting yourself in your potential customers’ shoes. They’re not ready to buy just yet. They’re gathering information that may inform a later purchasing decision.

What they want is red hot information and they want it for free. They do NOT want a sales pitch. If they were ready to buy, they’d be shopping for products, not information.

Content marketing gives you an opportunity to give them what they want. In the process, you brand yourself as an expert in your field. Once the information gathering process is complete, and when the need for a purchase decision becomes imminent, you’re already ahead of the curve.

Talk to Real People

For effective content marketing, you can’t just serve up a bunch of generic information – you must talk to real people about their needs. And you want to engage them, just as you would engage with a person you met face to face.

That can be hard when you’re sitting behind a computer keyboard looking for inspiration. But you can do it if you let your imagination out to play. Since you don’t have a ‘real’ person to talk to yet, talk to an imaginary one.

  • Who is the persona you want to hook? Is he or she a designer, an office fit-outs contractor, or an admin manager on a mission?
  • Now, make that person real. Give him or her a name. Are you talking to Contractor Chris, Designer Demi, or Admin Adam today?
  • Next, think of the type of problems you solve for these personas. Does Demi need new design inspirations? Is Chris looking for easy solutions to installation problems? Has Adam been tasked with tracking down office furniture with certain features?
  • You’re ready to create content that fits the persona

It’s About Them, Not You

“No, I don’t want to know that your business ticks the boxes for buzzwords. I don’t want to know about specific products or hear you say that you “offer innovative solutions.” I want a specific solution to MY problem, and I want it now!”

“And by the way, I might not go to your website for info either. I have my share of platforms I like to visit when I need to know stuff.”

Where does this leave you?

Well, the fact is that you’re going to share irresistible information, and you’re going to GIVE it away. And if you want a really authoritative voice, you might even be creating content for third-parties. An interior designer, for example, will check out interior design industry websites and LinkedIn groups before visiting any commercial source.

But getting a foot in the door might not be as hard as you think. Just as your prospect wants good content for nothing, so do the websites and publications he or she prefers to use. Offer something publishable, and ‘bang!’ you’re in a position to drive traffic where you want it: right to your website.

Content Marketing Ideas for Office Furniture Sellers

Is all this as clear as mud? Let’s walk through some office furniture-related content ideas:

  • Project walk-through: Showcase a project and show how you helped someone like contractor Chris to get great results – even after the furniture was delivered. Chris loves the story and wishes his suppliers were just like you!
  • Office Furniture Installation of the Week: Designer Demi needs ideas. She’ll get them here! Add video to your content and make your happy client the star of the show. Demi thinks: “Boy! I want some of that!”
  • Office moves, office furniture procurement challenges, what to look for in warranties: Poor Admin Adam has been chucked in at the deep end. He may be great at admin, but he’s not sure of his office layout, move, or furniture challenge. You can save the day!

Prepare a Strategy

Now that you know who you’re talking to and have some ideas about what useful information you could offer, new ideas should be bubbling to the surface.

Videos are tops for engagement. Just check out Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report for 2018. E-book downloads get you email addresses (make sure the book content doesn’t disappoint.) Blog posts and guest posts grab search engine attention. Slide shares allow you to tell stories with stunning images.

There’s no point in going in head-first and throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it, though. Prepare a calendar and include the following information:

  • Who will you target? (Persona)
  • How will you target them? (Format and topic)
  • Where will you target them? (Social media like LinkedIn or Instagram, your website, other websites)

Content Marketing Works. Are you up to The Challenge?

Content marketing: get it right and you WILL grow your sales. When author and entrepreneur Neil Patel added just three case studies to his website, he grew sales by 185 percent. Could this be you?

In the true spirit of content marketing, you’ll notice that we didn’t just tell you how we can grow your office furniture sales through content marketing. We told you how to do it yourself. But here’s our secret: we know that you don’t really have the time to do all this.

Maybe developing personas is less up your alley than dealing with suppliers and your existing customers. Maybe developing and executing a content marketing strategy is something you’d love to do but you don’t want to struggle with learning curves.

Whatever is standing in the way of growing your office furniture sales through content marketing, you just ran out of excuses because you found us. Reach out. We’ll amplify your marketing reach. It’s what we do.

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