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Marketing Automation

Powerful & Easy To Use

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to automating marketing actions. It is the replacement for repetitive manual marketing processes and tasks with solutions that are automated, especially in regards to e-mail marketing.

Marketing automation nurtures sales prospects with personalized content that is designed to convert them into customers through drip campaigns and nurture campaigns that help educate prospects about your products

Marketing Automation can turbocharge your PPC

Marketing automation can definitely turbocharge your PPC campaign as it finds new keywords and removes wasteful spend. It hits your goals for traffic, conversions, CPA (Cost Per Action) and ROAS ( Return On Ad Spend ) with automated bids

Marketing Automation writes better performing ads and remove ads that don’t drive results. It removes wasteful placements on the Google Display Network and build better structure shopping ads; set the right bids

Marketing automation Helpful in Email marketing

Email marketing is easy with Marketing automation. This combination is known as Email automation, a process which involves sending relevant emails out on a timeline of your choosing. It helps to schedule emails in advance so you don’t have to sit there hitting the “send” button every day

Email automation helps to nurture the customer relationships you already have so you can get repeat and referral business. It allows you to have continued presence in your clients’ and prospects’ inboxes without having to do all of the work yourself

Multi-Channel Messaging With Marketing Automation

Imagine how much you’d accomplish if you could do multi-channel messaging at once automatically. Marketing Automation involves the integration of text(SMS), email, and social media messaging together Marketing Automation schedules your messages to send when and how they’ll have the greatest impact: weekly, monthly, on holidays, by email, text, or social media page

CRM Sales Automation

CRM sales automation creates new tasks automatically for your team. Put your appointment calendar online and automate everything from telephony to follow-up emails. With this, it’s easy to get higher ROI with complete contact views, deal tracks, lead scoring, real-time alerts and deep analytics. The contact timeline in the Sales CRM provides all the necessary information about customer’s journey