Lead Generation Using LinkedIn Marketing for Office Furniture Companies

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Learn why LinkedIn is the preferred method for B2B lead generation for Office Furniture Resellers and Manufacturers.

Ask anyone which social media platform to use when hoping to raise your office furniture company’s profile in the B2B arena, and the answer won’t be long in coming. “LinkedIn,” they say, and they’re absolutely right! There are over 546 million business professionals on LinkedIn, and since office furniture is your game, there will be plenty of prospects for you to explore. 

There’s so much that you can do on LinkedIn marketing that it can get a bit bewildering. After all, you can use it for recruitment, you can use it to build top-of-the-mind awareness of your business and its products, and you can grow your network of company buyers, office interior designers, and contractors.


So, Where Should Office Furniture Companies Start?

Your company page and your personal profile are both important in your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Your employees should also link to your company page, and when people do click through to have a look, the content must stimulate engagement.

How can you grab people’s interest? A couple of snapshots and bare-bones text aren’t going to get anyone excited. What you need is a rich experience for your page visitors.

There should be a showcase of envy-inducing images that make people think “I want an office like that!” and you should provide useful information too. For example, workplace ergonomics is a hot topic, and since you’re an expert in that field, people will be interested in reading what you have to say.

Have you got bragging rights in the office furniture industry? Your company’s LinkedIn page is the place to use them! Talk about office furniture warranties. Give info on exciting new designs. Show visitors a portfolio of your best projects with storyboards that take them through the project from its inception till its successful completion. And don’t forget to include awards, achievements, and testimonials from happy clients.

Keep it fresh with regular additions of new content across the spectrum from text to images to video. Remember, this is a professional page, so you want it to be perfect. Amateur photographs and videos may be fine for your personal Facebook page, but they won’t be at home here! Get a pro photographer on the case – it’s well worth the small investment!


Use Your Free Marketing Opportunities

Now that you have a beautiful company page to present to potential clients, you need to attract traffic.

You and your staff should build your LinkedIn networks. Professional connections won’t want to see generic messages on contact requests. Train your staff to find and connect with influencers using personalized messages.

Groups are another great way to build your network and make your voice heard. Look for relevant ones and work with your employees to share your office furniture-related insights and information. Your reputation as experts in your field will benefit your business in the long run.

Connect with clients. You may be fairly confident that they won’t be needing office furniture in the next few years, but someone else in their network might be in need of your help. And feel free to ask clients whether they’d be willing to endorse your business, your skills, and write recommendations on your company page. Remember to return the favour!

Offering something of value in exchange for email addresses is a great strategy for staying in touch. How about an e-book featuring fabulous office interior ideas? You can be reasonably sure that anyone downloading it is interested in office furniture, and if you play your cards right, your subsequent emails have a good chance of gaining you a new client.

For fast-tracked results, however, paid options will take your LinkedIn marketing and your office furniture business out of the shadows and into the limelight.

Get the Most out of LinkedIn’s Paid Marketing Options

When it comes to expanding your social media reach on any platform including LinkedIn, sponsored content is king. Normally, when you pay for advertising, you can’t be sure that it will reach the kind of person you most want it to. But social media is an advertising game-changer that gives you more bang for your buck.

  • Hit the spot. Target your sponsored content right down to company names, job functions, and job titles. Your targeted client persona is within your reach, so get out there and reach them.
  • Send invitations to real-life events. Are you planning a new product launch, opening a new office furniture dealership, or moving to a new location? Invite procurement executives, office designers and architects, and office fit-out contractors to your launch event
  • Use lead generation ads to encourage LinkedIn users to get in touch with you instead of trawling through LinkedIn to find them.
  • Send out bulk, targeted InMail to reach the buyer persona you’ve identified as key to your office furniture business. When you do, don’t be shy to tell them what you want from them. “Buy our products” might be a little too direct, but you can highlight the benefits your company can offer to readers and invite mail recipients to visit your website or LinkedIn page to find out more and get in touch.

How Often and What Should You Post?

Both your personal and business LinkedIn pages should get fresh, exciting content regularly – but not so often that you come across as being bored, desperate, or irritatingly persistent. Most analysts agree that B2B social media pages should get fresh content two to three times a week.

Relevance is key. As an office furniture supplier marketing your business on LinkedIn, you should have a good idea of who your prospective clients are. Think about the things business owners, interior designers, architects, and contractors will want to know and give them what they want.

Now that you’ve got their attention, it’s up to you to lead them to your website with a strong call to action.

Need Help to Get it Perfect?

LinkedIn offers many fruitful opportunities for turning casual interest into serious sales. But getting it perfect and maximising the impact of your pages and your paid initiatives is something of an art. As a result, many companies fail to make the most of LinkedIn as a marketing platform.

If you’re too busy with the business of doing business to learn all the ins and outs and get your LinkedIn marketing perfect, a little help is in order. Leveraging the full power of LinkedIn marketing for your office furniture company can be as simple as clicking the button you see here to get in touch. Opportunity knocks. Are you ready to take advantage of it?

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