Instagram Marketing Ideas for Office Furniture Resellers

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Learn why instagramming your way to your customers pocket may just be the need of the hour for office furniture resellers and dealers

For office furniture resellers and dealers, color catalogues don’t come cheap, and you may be wondering if they’re really the marketing tools you would like them to be. While they’re great when you’re working one on one, most businesses these days prefer to get their information online. After all, a few clicks of the mouse and they have all the information they need. Busy people want convenience, and you don’t get much more convenient than that. But, given that you probably have a website, you may be asking the following question:

Why Instagram?

Instagram is all about eye-candy. While your catalogue and website probably feature a few example layouts, the focus is largely on individual items rather than final effects. That’s the way it should be, but does it show prospective clients what they can achieve using your products?

It’s also worth asking yourself what people do when they’re on the move. Mobile browsing is big, and social media networks are the go-to place to begin. It’s a well-known fact that social media can drive more traffic to your website than organic search ever will. Instagram is no exception to the rule – provided you use it to the full.

Images have far more power than words. It’s a scientific fact. People remember them far more clearly, and since you want to be memorable, Instagram is the perfect platform for posting your image-based “messages.” Play your cards right, and you’ll get the website traffic, calls, and conversions you’re hoping for.

Office Furniture Resellers & Dealers: Instagram Ideas that Work

Instagram posts allow you to tell a “story.” It’s far more interesting to watch an office makeover from start to finish than it is to see simple before and after pictures. Just look at the popularity of home renovation TV shows, and you’ll see that everybody loves a transformation story. So, what should you include? Grip your viewers’ interest with:

  • Office layout plans
  • Color selections
  • Installation in progress
  • The final product in all its brand-new perfection

If you can post video testimonials from satisfied clients, you just boosted your credibility considerably. While you’re at it, don’t forget to tag your interviewee. Having done so, you’ve grabbed the attention of his or her network too!

Why are testimonial videos such an important tool? Viewers seeking office furniture dealers receive “social proof” that your company is the best choice they can make. It’s not you or your company who is delivering the message, but your client. Every company like yours may say it’s the best, but your clients’ words carry far more weight.

Ideas are also hugely popular. Imagine this: you’re browsing around for office interior ideas when you come across a downloadable e-book with gorgeous images depicting superb office interiors. All you have to do is to provide your email address, and the e-book is yours. You want to impress the decision-makers who put you to work on the new or improved office they plan. What would you do? You download the book of course!

Since your company has already won points with your Instagram visitor by offering great ideas, the next step is easy. Send through reminder emails and use the opportunity to convert a viewer into a customer.


Create the Big Impression – and Reach Your Audience

Social media marketing is a two-edged sword. Get it right, and you become a superstar. Get it wrong, and you become a laughing stock. With Instagram marketing, you can’t settle for images that are anything less than perfect.

Your audience will quickly spot amateurish or shoddy photographs, and they’ll judge your company’s work based on that. Choose a professional photographer to create your Instagram images. Anything less will detract from your brand rather than building it.

Now that you’ve developed a killer campaign, you need to ensure that it gets the attention it deserves. Paid social media advertising will give you better value for money than any print ad. That’s because you can surgically target your audience. Presumably, you’ve already tailored your campaign to be relevant to your clients. They could be:

  • End-users
  • Contractors
  • Architects
  • Interior designers

Your Instagram ad isn’t just a ‘look and leave’ item either. It’s aimed to inspire, and the inspired can easily click through to a landing page to get in touch. Making it easy is part of the value equation, so make it easy!

Finally, you will want to get your posting frequency right. B2B audiences want just the right amount of information. Post too seldom, and you may be forgotten. Post too often, and you may be seen as an annoyance. Research indicates that two to three Instagram posts per week will hit the sweet spot.


Do You Want to Do It Right?

Creating a truly effective Instagram campaign isn’t something you can do on a whim. It takes careful planning, professional execution and effective Instagram ad targeting. Nevertheless, when it comes to office furniture dealers, Instagram is an ideal platform for converting prospects into clients.

How can you get the professional touch and the benefit of years of successful Instagram marketing on your side? Well, you could try it yourself and learn by trial and error – or you can save yourself a costly learning curve and simply appoint our social media marketing professionals to do the job on your behalf.

Let’s talk about Instagram marketing for office furniture resellers. All you need to do is to get in touch!

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