Facebook Ads For The Furniture, Building Materials & Construction Industry

  • Facebook Ads is all about demand generation.
  • Your ideal customers are waiting to be targeted on Facebook where they can experience or discover your products or services.
  • You can run Facebook Ads in DIY mode, but the mistakes you will make on your journey to learn Facebook advertising best practices will be expensive.
  • Doing it yourself is like taking the bus to success. You will learn and get there, but there will be bumps on the way. Letting us do it for you is like taking the "jet plane" to success.
team for google ads furniture resellers

The Team Working With You For Success

Account Manager

You project would be lead by a dedicated Account Manager with expertise in Facebook and Instagram advertising. The AM is glue to the whole team and will be accountable for delivering results.

Ads Specialist

A social media ads analyst will execute our unique DWM™ process. This ensures that your account is optimised daily, weekly and monthly with set objectives and tasks as per our unique DWM™ process checklist


Our team of talented Graphic Designers will work on making your ads standout. With creative graphics, videos, GIFs, and more, our team will make your ads shine.


As part of our social media advertising services, we deliver targeted messaging following the BJ Fogg behavior model (Behaviour = Motivation + Ability + Trigger)

Paid Social Advertising Packages

All Packages Include The Following

  • Facebook Business Manager Setup

    We will set up and configure your Facebook Business Manager account including linking your Facebook page and Instagram account for targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Facebook Ad Account Creation

    Once Facebook Business Manager is setup, we will help you create your own Facebook Ad account so all your advertising data stays with you always!

  • Facebook Pixel Setup

    We will setup and configure your unique Facebook pixel and add the code on your website and landing pages. This allows you to track visitors and conversions on your website.

  • DailyDose™ Monitoring

    An experienced social media ads expert will review your campaigns daily to make sure they are on track and watch out for any out of the ordinary issues, so your ad is continuously being served to your target market.

  • WeeklyWisdom™

    Our experienced social media advertising experts dig a little further weekly and review all your KPIs to ensure that we are on track to deliver your objectives. Corrective actions are made as applicable based on data collected.

  • MonthlyMomentum™

    The final step of our DWM™ process involves running A/B tests with new creatives, ad copies, offers to test the hypothesis and push the envelope further. Continuous improvement drives down conversion costs, while increasing lead volume.


Monthly Ad spend up to $1999
$ 199 Monthly + Setup Fees*+ Ad Spend
  • Up to 2 New Ad Creatives at Launch
  • 1 New Remarketing Ad Every Month
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Routine Optimization
  • Review Calls: Monthly
  • Reporting: Monthly


Monthly Ad spend $1000-$8999
$ 497 Monthly + Setup Fees* + Ad Spend
  • 1 New Remarketing Ad Per Month
  • Up to 2 New Prospecting Ads Per Month
  • 1 Basic GIF Creation Every Month
  • 1 Landing Page Design & Development
  • Up to 3 New Targeted Audiences
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Routine Optimization
  • Reporting: Weekly
  • Review Calls: Monthly


Monthly Ad spend $9000+
10% of Ad Spend Monthly + Setup Fees* + Ad Spend
  • Custom Remarketing Ads Per Month Based on Spend
  • Up to 4 New Prospecting Ads Per Month
  • 2 Basic GIF Creation Every Month
  • 1 Video/Advanced GIF Creation Every Month
  • 1 Landing Page Design & Development
  • Custom Targeted Audiences Based on Spend
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Routine Optimization
  • Reporting: Weekly
  • Review Calls: Monthly