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 We help you build a customer success feedback loop which allows you to improve your customer feedback while generating public reviews and testimonials to add credibility and trust in your business

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Get More Referrals From Existing Customers

The easiest way to get new customers is via referrals from your existing clients. Our customer success tactics help you upsell, build credibility and social proof via testimonials, reviews, and case studies.

We automate customer feedback surveys using the NPS or Net Promotor Score methodology. You get to know what your customers think. If they’re not happy you can fix the issues. If they’re delighted, our system automatically asks them for a testimonial followed by an opportunity for referral.

Convert testimonials to case studies. We help you put together a system which allows you to get more case studies. Case studies lead to more credibility and social proof and authenticates your presence in the region/industry you operate in.

Getting referrals from existing customers is the easiest way to get more qualified leads into your pipeline. We setup a structured and automated way of asking for referrals without being too desperate and intrusive.

We help you setup FAQs and ticketing software linked to your website. This allows you to stay on top of support requests and maintain a defined turn around time to resolve your customer’s issues

Learn how get automated customer feedback, 5-star reviews and testimonials

In this 10-minute video, we will share how resellers in building materials and furniture industry can automate customer feedback surveys, reviews and testimonials so they can continue to build social proof and credibility for their business

Customer Success FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

We recommend companies with over $2 Million annual revenue hire a dedicated person for customer success. Customers have access to social media and that allows them to compliment or loudly complain about your service. Customer success tactics help you to adapt a proactive strategy rather than a reactive one. Customer success gets you referrals, testimonials and new leads. This is one of the most preferred ways of generating new leads.

Your reviews and ratings depend on your customers’ journey or brand experience – from becoming a lead to a delighted customer. We can help you document and automate this journey. Part of this journey involves asking happy customers for reviews, testimonials and eventually case studies. 

No. We can set up the ticketing and live chat software for support. But the actual support has to be provided by someone trained in your company’s operating procedures. We do help in developing and updating an FAQs – frequently asked questions page. This FAQ page should answer the most common questions. The next level of escalation would be Live Chat with a support rep. 

Customer support is about how your company responds to a support request or question or request for information by the customer.  

Customer success is about documenting the experience of your delighted customer. This leads to more value creation, up-sells, referrals and awesome case study content for your web assets


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