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Google Shopping Ads for Online Office Furniture E-Commerce

Google Shopping Ads for Online Office Furniture E-Commerce

Online office furniture sales are the way forward, even if you’ve always just done your selling from a regular shop or warehouse.Nowadays, people begin shopping online, even if they’re open to visiting a brick-and-mortar store. But if they find what they want online, the shopping experience will both begin and end right there. After all, why drive to a business district and visit multiple outlets if you already found what you want during your online “window-shopping?”

Apart from office furniture companies that only sell online, “traditional” retailers would be well-served if they followed the example of successful retail chains that combine both on and offline shopping.

But how do you get customers into your e-commerce store before your competitors grab their attention? Google shopping Ads provide the answer.

Why Google Shopping Ads?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know that Google is far and away the world’s most popular search engine. “Google” has even become a verb used to describe finding information online.

“I know everything, and what I don’t know, I Google!”

You probably also know about AdWords, a feature that allows you to achieve paid rankings for certain search terms. So, how does that differ from Google Shopping Ads? Google shopping Ads will give office furniture buyers a look at your product without them having to click through to your website.

Not only is the ranking on Page 1, but apart from just showing words, it also shows images. This benefits both you and your prospective client.

Remember, all forms of Google advertising are “pay per click.” With AdWords, your page visitor might not find quite what he or she is looking for on your site. You paid for a click without getting a serious buyer onto your website.

With Google Ads, Google users can actually SEE what you’re offering. If they click, they go straight to the product page, and your chance of converting a page view into a sale is far greater.

But there’s more.

Google Shopping Ads integrate with your product listing feed. That means you don’t have to set up every product you want to promote manually – as long as the product description contains the right keywords. And since people searching for things like “adjustable office chair” get to see an image, it’s way better than regular SEO in organic search.

What You Need to Know About Google Shopping Ads for Office Furniture

If you’re an AdWords veteran, you’re probably rubbing your hands together at the thought of Google Shopping Ads for your office furniture company. However, you will find that setting it up is considerably more complicated to set up than AdWords.

Having said that, once you do get it right, you’ll see that it integrates well with WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and most of the other E-commerce platforms that office furniture companies might use.

Short of time for the learning curve? Don’t miss the opportunity! Remember, we specifically serve the needs of companies in the building material and architecture & design industry. E-commerce success is only a click away when you choose us!