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Office Furniture Companies: How to Improve Your Online Reputation and Why it’s So Important

Office Furniture Companies: How to Improve Your Online Reputation and Why it’s So Important

It’s not exactly breaking news: people are suckers for online reviews. It’s been confirmed by research into consumer psychology, and the New York Times covered the story. 97 percent of shoppers confirmed that they trust online reviews and most of them click through to your WORST reviews first. What does this mean to your office furniture company? And how can you manage your online reputation so that it reflects just how good your company is and attracts sales?

If you’re a typical consumer, you know how it works: when everything goes well, you’re pleased but not so overjoyed that you’re going to rush off and write a positive review just for the heck of it. On the other hand, when you have a bad experience with a business or its products, you want to tell the world!

How to Deal with Negative Reviews

When it comes to negative reviews, burying your head in the sand and pretending it never happened isn’t an option. A bad review is forever! But some businesses are turning negative reviews into an opportunity, and they’re transforming some of their toughest critics into their most passionate advocates. Here’s how they do it:

  • They monitor all the relevant review sites, and they respond fast!
  • They don’t confront the reviewer. Instead, they look for the objective truth behind the bad review and decide what to do about it. If necessary, they move the discussion to private discussion while seeking a solution.
  • They make things right, and they make it public.

No business can please all people all the time, but it can learn from its errors and show that it’s willing to face problems head-on. People respect that.

How Do You Get More Positive Reviews Without Actually Cheating?

Ask, and you will receive. 70 percent of happy customers will give you a good review if you ask them to. But how do you know if they are happy? Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys are single-question surveys that your customer uses to rate your service on a scale of one to ten.

Timing is important. Ask for a rating too soon, and your customer will raise his or her eyebrows. Ask too late, and you’ll get a low response rate. Conduct your NPS survey directly after concluding business with your client.

If you do office furniture installations, your NPS survey goes to your client once you have completed the installation. If your office furniture company just sells office furniture online, wait until you receive confirmation of delivery before asking your customer to rate you.

Once you know who your happy customers are, you can follow up. Thank them for their positive rating and ask them if they’d be willing to review your company online.

Where do Your Office Furniture Company’s Online Reviews Go?

If you’ve ever visited a company website that features reviews or have a few client reviews on your own website, you’ll know that no negative review is ever going to end up there. So do your website’s visitors.

People check and trust reviews on a wide range of review sites, but only a few of these are important. Monitor and build your online reputation on the three platforms people are most likely to use when looking for reviews of your office furniture business:

  • Amazon (if you sell through that channel)
  • Facebook
  • Google

Trustpilot is a further site worth watching, and Yelp could be yet another platform on which it’s worth spending a little time.

Online searches will turn up Facebook as well as Google reviews, so if you were to pick two platforms on which to focus, these two will deliver the best reputation-building results in return for your efforts.

Google My Business also helps with local search engine optimization, so you get the added benefit of greater search engine visibility. However, it is location-based, so if you have multiple branches, be sure to register each store’s address with Google Business.

What Should Your Reviews’ Average Rating Be? How Many Do You Need?

You might think it would be great to have nothing but wall-to-wall five-star ratings. But the research we referenced earlier in this article found that people become suspicious if every single review is unreservedly positive.

According to the psychologists who made up the research team, most people felt comfortable with a 4.4 to 4.7-star rating. Of course, your ratings shouldn’t be too low either. If you were shopping around for office furniture or any other product, would you choose a supplier with a 2.5-star rating over one with a 4.5-star rating? Of course, you wouldn’t!

The numbers game is also an interesting one. People want reviews: lots of reviews. When researchers confronted consumers with a choice between two similar, poorly rated products, they chose the one with the most reviews – even though those reviews were bad. It seems that they assumed that more reviews meant more buyers and a more popular product.

While we wouldn’t recommend that you stack up as many one-star reviews as you possibly can, you do want plenty of good reviews, and they need to be fairly recent too. Reputation management is an ongoing effort. A good online reputation is not something you can just get and then forget.

Reputation Management for Office Furniture Companies isn’t Just for E-Commerce

At this point, you may be wondering if all of this is relevant to your business when most of the action happens offline. It matters! Who uses a phone book these days? Nobody? So, what do you do when you want to contact a company? You Google it!

Try it now with any business with which you are familiar. What do you see? There’s an image, all the contact and location details you need and…. Yes! The star rating is also there.

Most businesses who recognize the importance of online reputation management check for reviews every single day. If that sounds like a daunting prospect, outsource!

Why spend time you could have spent doing something you’re good at when there are experts to help you with online reputation management? Office furniture companies are a specialty of ours – so get in touch to hear what we can do to help you build the great reputation your business deserves!

Lead Generation Using LinkedIn Marketing for Office Furniture Companies

Lead Generation Using LinkedIn Marketing for Office Furniture Companies

Ask anyone which social media platform to use when hoping to raise your office furniture company’s profile in the B2B arena, and the answer won’t be long in coming. “LinkedIn,” they say, and they’re absolutely right! There are over 546 million business professionals on LinkedIn, and since office furniture is your game, there will be plenty of prospects for you to explore.

There’s so much that you can do on LinkedIn marketing that it can get a bit bewildering. After all, you can use it for recruitment, you can use it to build top-of-the-mind awareness of your business and its products, and you can grow your network of company buyers, office interior designers, and contractors.

So, Where Should Office Furniture Companies Start?

Your company page and your personal profile are both important in your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Your employees should also link to your company page, and when people do click through to have a look, the content must stimulate engagement.

How can you grab people’s interest? A couple of snapshots and bare-bones text aren’t going to get anyone excited. What you need is a rich experience for your page visitors.

There should be a showcase of envy-inducing images that make people think “I want an office like that!” and you should provide useful information too. For example, workplace ergonomics is a hot topic, and since you’re an expert in that field, people will be interested in reading what you have to say.

Have you got bragging rights in the office furniture industry? Your company’s LinkedIn page is the place to use them! Talk about office furniture warranties. Give info on exciting new designs. Show visitors a portfolio of your best projects with storyboards that take them through the project from its inception till its successful completion. And don’t forget to include awards, achievements, and testimonials from happy clients.

Keep it fresh with regular additions of new content across the spectrum from text to images to video. Remember, this is a professional page, so you want it to be perfect. Amateur photographs and videos may be fine for your personal Facebook page, but they won’t be at home here! Get a pro photographer on the case – it’s well worth the small investment!

Use Your Free Marketing Opportunities

Now that you have a beautiful company page to present to potential clients, you need to attract traffic.

You and your staff should build your LinkedIn networks. Professional connections won’t want to see generic messages on contact requests. Train your staff to find and connect with influencers using personalized messages.

Groups are another great way to build your network and make your voice heard. Look for relevant ones and work with your employees to share your office furniture-related insights and information. Your reputation as experts in your field will benefit your business in the long run.

Connect with clients. You may be fairly confident that they won’t be needing office furniture in the next few years, but someone else in their network might be in need of your help. And feel free to ask clients whether they’d be willing to endorse your business, your skills, and write recommendations on your company page. Remember to return the favour!

Offering something of value in exchange for email addresses is a great strategy for staying in touch. How about an e-book featuring fabulous office interior ideas? You can be reasonably sure that anyone downloading it is interested in office furniture, and if you play your cards right, your subsequent emails have a good chance of gaining you a new client.

For fast-tracked results, however, paid options will take your LinkedIn marketing and your office furniture business out of the shadows and into the limelight.

Get the Most out of LinkedIn’s Paid Marketing Options

When it comes to expanding your social media reach on any platform including LinkedIn, sponsored content is king. Normally, when you pay for advertising, you can’t be sure that it will reach the kind of person you most want it to. But social media is an advertising game-changer that gives you more bang for your buck.

  • Hit the spot. Target your sponsored content right down to company names, job functions, and job titles. Your targeted client persona is within your reach, so get out there and reach them.
  • Send invitations to real-life events. Are you planning a new product launch, opening a new office furniture dealership, or moving to a new location? Invite procurement executives, office designers and architects, and office fit-out contractors to your launch event
  • Use lead generation ads to encourage LinkedIn users to get in touch with you instead of trawling through LinkedIn to find them.
  • Send out bulk, targeted InMail to reach the buyer persona you’ve identified as key to your office furniture business. When you do, don’t be shy to tell them what you want from them. “Buy our products” might be a little too direct, but you can highlight the benefits your company can offer to readers and invite mail recipients to visit your website or LinkedIn page to find out more and get in touch.

How Often and What Should You Post?

Both your personal and business LinkedIn pages should get fresh, exciting content regularly – but not so often that you come across as being bored, desperate, or irritatingly persistent. Most analysts agree that B2B social media pages should get fresh content two to three times a week.

Relevance is key. As an office furniture supplier marketing your business on LinkedIn, you should have a good idea of who your prospective clients are. Think about the things business owners, interior designers, architects, and contractors will want to know and give them what they want.

Now that you’ve got their attention, it’s up to you to lead them to your website with a strong call to action.

Need Help to Get it Perfect?

LinkedIn offers many fruitful opportunities for turning casual interest into serious sales. But getting it perfect and maximising the impact of your pages and your paid initiatives is something of an art. As a result, many companies fail to make the most of LinkedIn as a marketing platform.

If you’re too busy with the business of doing business to learn all the ins and outs and get your LinkedIn marketing perfect, a little help is in order. Leveraging the full power of LinkedIn marketing for your office furniture company can be as simple as clicking the button you see here to get in touch. Opportunity knocks. Are you ready to take advantage of it?

Instagram Marketing Ideas for Office Furniture Dealers

Instagram Marketing Ideas for Office Furniture Dealers

For office furniture dealers, color catalogues don’t come cheap, and you may be wondering if they’re really the marketing tools you would like them to be. While they’re great when you’re working one on one, most businesses these days prefer to get their information online. After all, a few clicks of the mouse and they have all the information they need. Busy people want convenience, and you don’t get much more convenient than that. But, given that you probably have a website, you may be asking the following question:

Why Instagram?

Instagram is all about eye-candy. While your catalogue and website probably feature a few example layouts, the focus is largely on individual items rather than final effects. That’s the way it should be, but does it show prospective clients what they can achieve using your products?

It’s also worth asking yourself what people do when they’re on the move. Mobile browsing is big, and social media networks are the go-to place to begin. It’s a well-known fact that social media can drive more traffic to your website than organic search ever will. Instagram is no exception to the rule – provided you use it to the full.

Images have far more power than words. It’s a scientific fact. People remember them far more clearly, and since you want to be memorable, Instagram is the perfect platform for posting your image-based “messages.” Play your cards right, and you’ll get the website traffic, calls, and conversions you’re hoping for.

Office Furniture Dealers: Instagram Ideas that Work

Instagram posts allow you to tell a “story.” It’s far more interesting to watch an office makeover from start to finish than it is to see simple before and after pictures. Just look at the popularity of home renovation TV shows, and you’ll see that everybody loves a transformation story. So, what should you include? Grip your viewers’ interest with:

  • Office layout plans
  • Color selections
  • Installation in progress
  • The final product in all its brand-new perfection

If you can post video testimonials from satisfied clients, you just boosted your credibility considerably. While you’re at it, don’t forget to tag your interviewee. Having done so, you’ve grabbed the attention of his or her network too!

Why are testimonial videos such an important tool? Viewers seeking office furniture dealers receive “social proof” that your company is the best choice they can make. It’s not you or your company who is delivering the message, but your client. Every company like yours may say it’s the best, but your clients’ words carry far more weight.

Ideas are also hugely popular. Imagine this: you’re browsing around for office interior ideas when you come across a downloadable e-book with gorgeous images depicting superb office interiors. All you have to do is to provide your email address, and the e-book is yours. You want to impress the decision-makers who put you to work on the new or improved office they plan. What would you do? You download the book of course!

Since your company has already won points with your Instagram visitor by offering great ideas, the next step is easy. Send through reminder emails and use the opportunity to convert a viewer into a customer.

xxxooooCreate the Big Impression – and Reach Your Audience

Social media marketing is a two-edged sword. Get it right, and you become a superstar. Get it wrong, and you become a laughing stock. With Instagram marketing, you can’t settle for images that are anything less than perfect.

Your audience will quickly spot amateurish or shoddy photographs, and they’ll judge your company’s work based on that. Choose a professional photographer to create your Instagram images. Anything less will detract from your brand rather than building it.

Now that you’ve developed a killer campaign, you need to ensure that it gets the attention it deserves. Paid social media advertising will give you better value for money than any print ad. That’s because you can surgically target your audience. Presumably, you’ve already tailored your campaign to be relevant to your clients. They could be:

  • End-users
  • Contractors
  • Architects
  • Interior designers

Your Instagram ad isn’t just a ‘look and leave’ item either. It’s aimed to inspire, and the inspired can easily click through to a landing page to get in touch. Making it easy is part of the value equation, so make it easy!

Finally, you will want to get your posting frequency right. B2B audiences want just the right amount of information. Post too seldom, and you may be forgotten. Post too often, and you may be seen as an annoyance. Research indicates that two to three Instagram posts per week will hit the sweet spot.

Do You Want to Do It Right?

Creating a truly effective Instagram campaign isn’t something you can do on a whim. It takes careful planning, professional execution and effective Instagram ad targeting. Nevertheless, when it comes to office furniture dealers, Instagram is an ideal platform for converting prospects into clients.

How can you get the professional touch and the benefit of years of successful Instagram marketing on your side? Well, you could try it yourself and learn by trial and error – or you can save yourself a costly learning curve and simply appoint our social media marketing professionals to do the job on your behalf.

Let’s talk about Instagram marketing for office furniture dealers. All you need to do is to get in touch!

Office Furniture Companies & Dealers: Sell More with Content Marketing

Office Furniture Companies & Dealers: Sell More with Content Marketing

Can you sell more office furniture without actually ‘selling’? You can! That’s the driving force behind content marketing strategies. Here’s how it works.
When people have a problem or a need, the internet is the place they go to in the search for answers. Here, they’ll find both promoted (paid) content and results from organic search. Or they might be browsing their social media feeds and spot something that resonates. They take a closer look.
Now’s your chance to hook them.

Inbound Marketing at its Best

Pitching your content marketing strategy just right means putting yourself in your potential customers’ shoes. They’re not ready to buy just yet. They’re gathering information that may inform a later purchasing decision.

What they want is red hot information and they want it for free. They do NOT want a sales pitch. If they were ready to buy, they’d be shopping for products, not information.

Content marketing gives you an opportunity to give them what they want. In the process, you brand yourself as an expert in your field. Once the information gathering process is complete, and when the need for a purchase decision becomes imminent, you’re already ahead of the curve.

Talk to Real People

For effective content marketing, you can’t just serve up a bunch of generic information – you must talk to real people about their needs. And you want to engage them, just as you would engage with a person you met face to face.

That can be hard when you’re sitting behind a computer keyboard looking for inspiration. But you can do it if you let your imagination out to play. Since you don’t have a ‘real’ person to talk to yet, talk to an imaginary one.

  • Who is the persona you want to hook? Is he or she a designer, an office fit-outs contractor, or an admin manager on a mission?
  • Now, make that person real. Give him or her a name. Are you talking to Contractor Chris, Designer Demi, or Admin Adam today?
  • Next, think of the type of problems you solve for these personas. Does Demi need new design inspirations? Is Chris looking for easy solutions to installation problems? Has Adam been tasked with tracking down office furniture with certain features?
  • You’re ready to create content that fits the persona

It’s About Them, Not You

“No, I don’t want to know that your business ticks the boxes for buzzwords. I don’t want to know about specific products or hear you say that you “offer innovative solutions.” I want a specific solution to MY problem, and I want it now!”

“And by the way, I might not go to your website for info either. I have my share of platforms I like to visit when I need to know stuff.”

Where does this leave you?

Well, the fact is that you’re going to share irresistible information, and you’re going to GIVE it away. And if you want a really authoritative voice, you might even be creating content for third-parties. An interior designer, for example, will check out interior design industry websites and LinkedIn groups before visiting any commercial source.

But getting a foot in the door might not be as hard as you think. Just as your prospect wants good content for nothing, so do the websites and publications he or she prefers to use. Offer something publishable, and ‘bang!’ you’re in a position to drive traffic where you want it: right to your website.

Content Marketing Ideas for Office Furniture Sellers

Is all this as clear as mud? Let’s walk through some office furniture-related content ideas:

  • Project walk-through: Showcase a project and show how you helped someone like contractor Chris to get great results – even after the furniture was delivered. Chris loves the story and wishes his suppliers were just like you!
  • Office Furniture Installation of the Week: Designer Demi needs ideas. She’ll get them here! Add video to your content and make your happy client the star of the show. Demi thinks: “Boy! I want some of that!”
  • Office moves, office furniture procurement challenges, what to look for in warranties: Poor Admin Adam has been chucked in at the deep end. He may be great at admin, but he’s not sure of his office layout, move, or furniture challenge. You can save the day!

Prepare a Strategy

Now that you know who you’re talking to and have some ideas about what useful information you could offer, new ideas should be bubbling to the surface.

Videos are tops for engagement. Just check out Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report for 2018. E-book downloads get you email addresses (make sure the book content doesn’t disappoint.) Blog posts and guest posts grab search engine attention. Slide shares allow you to tell stories with stunning images.

There’s no point in going in head-first and throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it, though. Prepare a calendar and include the following information:

  • Who will you target? (Persona)
  • How will you target them? (Format and topic)
  • Where will you target them? (Social media like LinkedIn or Instagram, your website, other websites)

Content Marketing Works. Are you up to The Challenge?

Content marketing: get it right and you WILL grow your sales. When author and entrepreneur Neil Patel added just three case studies to his website, he grew sales by 185 percent. Could this be you?

In the true spirit of content marketing, you’ll notice that we didn’t just tell you how we can grow your office furniture sales through content marketing. We told you how to do it yourself. But here’s our secret: we know that you don’t really have the time to do all this.

Maybe developing personas is less up your alley than dealing with suppliers and your existing customers. Maybe developing and executing a content marketing strategy is something you’d love to do but you don’t want to struggle with learning curves.

Whatever is standing in the way of growing your office furniture sales through content marketing, you just ran out of excuses because you found us. Reach out. We’ll amplify your marketing reach. It’s what we do.

Shortest Tutorial on Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Shortest Tutorial on Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

For most of us entrepreneurs, digital marketing means getting found on the first page of Google search results. You know that you need to rank higher in Google search results, but don’t know where to start. Worry not. This guide will save you money and help you set the right direction for marketing your business online.