Get more 5-star reviews, testimonials, and referrals from your customers, even if you have very little time using our 5 step customer success system

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In this post, you will learn why new reviews and fresh testimonials are ever so important for resellers in the building materials and furniture industry. You will also learn how to create a customer success loop which gets you more reviews, testimonials, and referrals.


While your happy clients rarely give reviews and testimonials without asking, unhappy clients are very eager to rave about their poor experience on social media.


The problem is that resellers and dealers are so busy trying to win new clients and fulfill existing customer obligations that they have no time left to followup for reviews and testimonials.  


You might think that you a full-time assistant or a lot of your personal time to follow up to get customer feedback. However, in this post, I will prove that this is not correct.


Here is a recipe to automate your asking for reviews followed by testimonials from your clients


Step 1: Build a customer success process


You want your customers to be happy and successful especially if they are using your product to achieve their success. That’s why all great resellers have a customer success process. In this process, you would lay out the steps, based on your experience, that pretty much guarantees that your customer experience after the sale is phenomenal. I love checklists and there is not a single reason why we can’t use a checklist for this process.


Step 2: Send automated email for customer feedback


Once your scope of work is complete, you should trigger an automated email to your customer asking for feedback. This should be in the form of an NPS survey (scale of 1 to 10 – 1 being poor and 10 being excellent). The system could probably send a couple of reminders in case the email was delivered but not opened by the customer.


Step 3: Ask for a review


If the customer has given you a high NPS score of a 9 or a 10 – that means she is happy with your product & service experience, the next step is to ask for a public review on Google, Facebook, Yelp or your chosen platform. Customers who’ve given you a lower, instead of giving a public rating would just get an opportunity to give you private feedback on how you can improve.


Step 4: Publish Review into a testimonial


Once a review by your happy customer is published on Google or Facebook (it’s public now – so generally no need for permission to use), the next thing is to get these reviews published on your website to build social proof and credibility. It’s always polite to thank, acknowledge or respond to reviews left by your customers to let them that you care and that you’ve read what they’ve said.


Step 5: Ask for a referral


Once you’ve got that fancy glowing review and published testimonial, pick up the phone and call your customer to personally thank them for the glorious feedback. If you’ve got thousands of customers, email them (tip: automate it). The next step is to ask for a referral or an introduction to someone in your customer’s network – let your customer know that you will appreciate any referrals. Once you get the referral, do send a gift to the client who made the referral.


Don’t annoy by spamming your happy customers by being overly aggressive in seeking a review. Send them a couple of email reminders and stop. In case you bump into them somewhere, do casually mention to them about getting some online feedback on the great job that you just did for them.


If you automate this entire 5-point system, you will get lots of reviews and new leads which will build trust in your brand and get you more revenue. Read a full article by website conversion rate experts, CXL, as to how social proof can skyrocket your conversions (lead and sales)


This automation is simple and extremely powerful. You can do it yourself by tweaking your CRM and your email marketing software. In case you want us to build this customer success automation feedback loop (breathe…..) which gets your business more reviews, testimonials on your website and new referral leads, give us a shout out and we will collaborate with you to get this done.

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